Every superhero needs a sidekick

The chronic pain app that’s always by your side… 


Document your pain

for your doctor or anyone else you choose to share with

Living with chronic pain can be hard, because it’s invisible to everyone around you. CPSidekick makes the invisible visible, by allowing you to document your pain with ease.

Detect triggers

Figure out what helps and what triggers your pain

Chronic pain tends to be unpredictable, and always changing from day to day and hour to hour. This can make it really hard to tell what exercises are helping or aggravating, if a new drug is better or worse, what effect a diet change has had, or whatever else you suspect might be affecting your pain. Get better information by tracking them over long periods of time.


Find new ways to cope


Detect triggers

Understand your unique pain and fatigue patterns objectively to help you figure out what helps and what triggers your symptoms


Anonymous sharing

See what other people with your condition are experiencing, and the coping plans they’ve put in place, with total anonymity


Timely reminders

Decide on your coping plans on your good days, so that you can be reminded of them when you need them most


Be inspired

Get motivational, inspiring and uplifting messages to pick you up when you’re down


Listen to chronic pain stories

You’re not alone. Every day, people like you are finding new ways to adapt to chronic pain and fatigue. Listen to their stories, and find inspiration from our podcast, Everyday Superheroes 


Founded by someone with chronic pain

Hi, I’m James, and I have ankylosing spondylitis, which causes chronic pain and fatigue. My experiences with chronic pain inspired me to start CPSidekick to help others. Listen to my story on the Everyday Superheroes podcast!


James Allen

Founder & CEO